Access HBO GO Comcast using Comcast Login

If you have a Comcast login and also wish to stream the HBO GO Comcast channel, then the only way is to use your Roku streaming player. This is because, you need a medium, which is in this case the Roku. With the help of Roku and the Comcast login you can now watch uninterrupted episodes of your favorite TV shows. Also, the latest blockbuster Hollywood hits await you on this special channel.

HBO GO Comcast

HBO GO Comcast

First Activating the Streaming Device

In order to be able to stream GOT, Silicon Valley and other top TV shows on HBO GO, you need to activate the channel as well as the streaming player. First, we will deal with the streaming player activation and then move on to the channel activation. During the streaming player activation, you need the following info;

  • Activation link code
  • Roku com link account
  • High speed internet connection

The Roku link code is nothing but an alphanumeric code which you use to activate the streaming media player or stick or TV.  Every Roku user must have an account with the brand website so that they can keep their device organized.  And finally, you need a good quality Internet because you do not wish to have any interruptions during the activation process.

For Installing the Channel App

  • Establish a connection between them using an HDMI cableand also ensure that you turn ON the TV and the Roku device
  • Via a wired or wireless setup connect the Roku device to the internet
  • Then, with the help of the arrow keys on your remotenavigate to the Roku’s main menu on your TV
  • You can directly connect it to the internet and proceed to adding the channel in case you have a Roku TV
  • Next, from the listselect the STREAMING CHANNELS option and thenin the search box search for HBO GO Comcast
  • Select the ADD CHANNEL option once you choose the appropriate channel
  • Subscribe to this channel to watch it since this is a paid service
  • Finally, to confirm that the channel has been added to your device you can go to the my channels list
  • Else, repeat the steps from the beginning

For Channel Activation

After successfully completing the device activation and channel addition, you can move on to the channel activation process.  This is where your Comcast login will help you gain access to the HBO GO channel.

  • Open the app on your Roku device
  • It will request info for activation
  • Enter Comcast login credentials here
  • If validated, you will be able to access programs that you are entitled to in the Comcast subscription
  • Otherwise, contact the channel directly for further clarifications

Some programs may not be accessible due to an HDCP error which is usually resolved with the help of a new HDMI cable. For other playback issues or to setup parental controls for this HBO GO Comcast channel, call us right away at our toll-free number +1-844-227-1410 or visit

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