HBO Live Stream

Make use of the HBO GO channel for your on the go streaming needs. It has almost all content that you would normally find on the HBO TV channel. But additionally, you get to watch a lot of movies and TV shows at your own convenience. All this at pocket friendly prices through monthly or yearly subscriptions towards the HBO GO channel. Now, let us also have a look at the other perspective of, HBO live stream. You can watch live stream of certain programs on the HBO GO channel provided you have enabled the live TV feature on the corresponding streaming device. In this article, we will deal with the Roku device and how you can activate the channel and live TV feature on it.

HBO Live Stream

HBO Live Stream

Roku and HBO GO

The channel activation is an easy process assuming that you have already activated your Roku com link device. If not, you may have to proceed to the device activation first for which you will find assistance on our website. Depending on your device, the activation process varies; however, channel addition and activation steps are common for all. Additionally, you will also need an active com link account to facilitate both activations. After these processes, you can proceed to the HBO live stream process.

Account Creation Guidelines

  • Go to the Roku com website
  • And then, create a new account
  • Provide personal details
  • Confirm account creation
  • Set a PIN
  • Reconfirm account creation once again

Device Activation Guidelines

  • Once you have created an account, move on to device activation
  • You have to link your device to an account
  • And then, the account manages the device
  • Channels and other devices are managed here
  • However, you may need a separate link code for each device

Channel Activation Guidelines

  • Open the home screen menu
  • And then, navigate to the streaming channels menu
  • Search for HBO GO application
  • Install it and wait for activation
  • Activation requires a cable subscription login
  • Or you need a separate account for the channel
  • Create the same on the HBO website
  • Obtain the activation code therein
  • Use this for channel activation on your Roku

In case of queries on the same, give us a ring at our toll-free number +1-844-227-1410 and we will resolve your activation issues.

Live Stream Activation Guidelines

The following set of steps allows to activate HBO live stream on the Roku device.

  • Firstly, open the channel app
  • Secondly, move on to the channel settings
  • Thirdly, activate live TV
  • You can make use of the arrow keys for help

If at all you find difficulties in activating the live stream feature for the HBO GO channel, visit us at our website for assistance.

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