HBOGO com Activate Apple TV

It is rather easy to perform the HBOGO com activate Apple TV process on your device. All you have to do is first launch the HBOGO app on your Apple TV streamer. Then go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Activate your Device’. You will get an activation code. Don’t go away from this screen yet. Open up your laptop or mobile device because you need a browser to do the next action. Type to go to HBO’s page where you have to choose your device (Apple TV). Click on ‘Continue’ and you will be asked to select your provider and enter your login credentials. Now, in the space, enter the activation code that you got earlier. Press on ‘Activate Device’ to complete the process. A message stating “Your Apple TV has been successfully linked to your profile” will appear indicating your successful activation.

hbogo com activate apple tv

HBOGO com activate Apple TV

Apple TV Review

Listed as one of the best devices of 2018, Apple TV delivers some of the best picture displays into your TV. The device comes with a Siri-enabled remote that has a refined voice search feature.

The latest Apple TV 4k is a minimalist device and is extremely nice looking. The curves and edges seem rather attractive and you wouldn’t mind having one of those high-end devices added to your entertainment center.

Device types

There are two versions of the device. One is priced at $149 with 32 GB and the other one is about $199 with 64 GB. Since you are not going to store a lot on the device and you are predominantly going to pull stuff out of the cloud, the 32 GB should be enough.  But if you are the kind that would like to store a lot of data and content, then the 64 GB is ideal.  At the back of the device, you will find four ports for the power, HDMI, USB-C and the Ethernet.


Installation and setup of the device are not complicated at all. Attach the power cord and the HDMI cable on to your TV. You can also connect the Ethernet directly into the device if you so wish. But it does connect to the Wi-Fi and you won’t have the need for physical cabling. So, ideally, you require only two cords. If you own an iPhone, take it and place it next to the Apple TV. It will then use its NFC or near field communication to bring all information that you have on your phone on to the interface of the Apple TV. So, all your apps are launched and connected in an instant.


The interface is a classic Apple design. It is clean, easy to move and you can just fly through because of Apple TV’s best feature, its remote. Talk about technology, the whole top section of the remote is a touchpad. To go through your menus, you just have to slide your finger across the touchpad, very quickly. With the Siri infused remote you really don’t have to type anything.

So, if you want to execute your HBOGO com activate Apple TV process, you just ask Siri at +1-844-227-1410 to do it.

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