Apple TV is the only streaming device that allows users to make use of a single sign on process for your HBO GO App. Therefore, it allows users to enjoy and stream content without having to login multiple times on a single Apple TV device. This is however currently available with all the 4th gen devices only. Let’s have a look at the sign on process first and then move onto the activation and app updating processes.

HBO Go App

HBO Go App

Sign on Guidelines for Apple TV

  • Turn on your Apple TV
  • And then, navigate to the SETTINGS menu
  • Now, find the TV PROVIDER option when you navigate to the ACCOUNTS section
  • Select the name of your TV provider
  • After which you can sign in using the login credentials
  • For users who are unaware of these details, you can directly speak to your cable TV provider
  • They will provide the login details
  • Besides, they will also advice if the service is available in your region

You can contact our team who will breeze you through this process in case you have difficulties in completing this process.

The Minimum Requirements

  • Check the OS version for your device
  • It must be 10.2 or later
  • If not, you may need to update that first
  • Once that is done, check the version of the HBO GO app
  • It must be 9.0 or later
  • If not, once again perform the necessary update
  • When both updates are complete, sign into the application
  • Now, you must make use of the login info that you obtained from your satellite or cable TV provider
  • You will not need this if you completed the previously mentioned sign on process
  • Otherwise, this is your chance to make use of your login credentials for the channel app

Make use of our live chat line to get assistance if you are having doubts in activation process of the HBO GO app.

Updating the App

Whenever, there is a version upgrade available for the channel, you will have to perform an update. In most cases, the update will automatically begin as soon as you connect the corresponding device to the internet. However, there are also options available for you to perform this process manually. That is the reason why all devices come along with a very useful settings menu. So, using this and a several other options, you will be able to update the app on any given device.

  • Launch the app and then login
  • After which access the settings menu
  • Before you begin the update, check the current version of the app
  • Access the about option under the help menu for the same
  • Now, after checking you can go ahead and perform the update
  • For which process you will find the Software update option under the Support menu

This way you can completely update the HBO GO app on any given device. If you still have any queries in updating the same, you can call us at our toll-free number anytime +1-844-227-1410 or visit

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