HBO GO Xfinity

You can now activate HBO Go through Xfinity app on your Roku device. Based on account entitlement updates, some of the customers may have to re-accept the terms and conditions. Xfinity’s partner devices are all Samsung Smart TVs, Roku players, and other streaming devices.  Xfinity X1 is also one of the best ways to watch Xfinity TV.

HBO Go Xfinity

HBO Go Xfinity

Eligibility with partner devices

To access Xfinity as a service, customers must have a subscription to Xfinity TV and the Xfinity Internet. While there is no limitation on the internet speed tiers, a wireless gateway must be rented from Xfinity. Alternatively, an Xfinity certified retail modem that can work on the Comcast network can be used too.


You can execute the following steps to launch HBO GO Xfinity on your Roku device. Open the app and click on ‘Get Started’ and you will now get a 6-digit activation code on your Roku. Continue with the activation process by going to For this, you may want to use a tablet, desktop device or a tablet to open a separate web browser.

Entering the code

Ensure that you are opening a browser from a device other than the Roku. Enter your Xfinity credentials into the URL you just opened and a ‘Success!’ message is displayed. Along with it a progress message indicating an update on the Roku device will also be displayed. The screen will load briefly and the terms of activation will be presented for which you can click on ‘Yes’ to continue with the activation process. Thereafter, you just have to enter the name of your Roku device.

Navigating through the Xfinity App

There are several interesting menus on the Xfinity interface. On the whole, it is simple to understand and easy to use. Basically, you get to scroll through the Main menu, Search function, Live TV, Favorite Channels, Find a Channel option, and Filter Preferences. You also have other features on the app such as Playback, Recording, and modifications of any recordings and a lot more.


The main menu appears the moment you have completed the activation. From here you can click on the ‘Search’ function that will give you access to all your TV shows, movies, and other channels. You can go through the on-demand programming along with Sports, News, Kids and Latino shows. The ‘Instant Replay’ button will let you go back about 15 seconds. This video playback feature is available on the Xfinity On-Demand content.


Press the left and right Directional Pads, to rewind and fast forward of your on-demand content.

Live TV

To watch Live TV, you can check out all the TV listings for your favorite channels and view them by category. Choose from kids, movies, sports and a lot more. Filter through the video description, use closed captioning, watch in high definition and even use a Secondary Audio Program. Your Playback controls work this way too. You will see your favorite channels’ TV listings by selecting ‘Options’ from the top left of your screen within Live TV. Go to the main Search page by clicking on ‘Search’ from here to watch your TV show, channel or movie.

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