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Catch the nostalgia with some of these blockbusters featuring on some of the most popular streaming networks. Activate any of your streaming players especially the Roku that has Netflix and Hulu built into its platform. They are available as quick-launch options on the Roku remote as well.

Movies and TV Shows on HBO GO and HBO Now

Stream New Movies and TV Shows on HBO GO

Stream New Movies and TV Shows on HBO GO

The Mummy

The 2017 movie stars Tom Cruise who is an artefact thief and incurs the curse of a mummy but in the end actually becomes a kind of a superhero. There is also the ‘The Mummy’ the Brendan Fraser starrer and a super hit. A Mummy is accidentally awakened by an American Soldier that is now looking for world domination.


This Robert De Niro 1998 starrer is about an ex-intelligence officer Sam, who wants to retrieve a mysterious suitcase. For this, he hires a bunch of Japanese mercenaries.

Good Fellas

Another good one you can watch is Good Fellas all about how a petty criminal Henry Hill climbs up the underworld ladder to become a gangster on the streets of New York.


The Black Panther

The Black Panther is this year’s most popular movie and a blockbuster being featured on Netflix


Ozark is Netflix’s murky, preposterous and outrageously entertaining crime drama that returns for a second season with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.


Watch ‘Brick’ by director Rian Johnson. A movie before he delivered hits such as Star Wars, this one stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt with a moody person a who tries to uncover his ex’s murderer.

The Emperor’s New Groove

From the year 2000 The Emperor’s New Groove is brought to you by Disney where an emperor who turns into a llama actually becomes a helpful herder


Enjoy David Spade’s ‘Tommy Boy’ as well on Netflix, a 1995 flick that is rather funny and raunchy.


Watch the below Movies on Hulu and Hulu Plus channels.


Directed by Wes Anderson with screenplay assistance from Owen Wilson, Rushmore is about a student Max, who seems to lose to academics while surpassing everything else. Set in 1998, the film is most certainly technically impressive though whimsical.

The Longest Yard

Written by Tracy Keenan Wynn the story is based on American Sports where a sadistic warden asks a prison serving quarterback to create a team of his own. Directed by Robert Aldrich, this 1974 film is a treat to watch even today. The team of inmates finally takes on a football game against the guards.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

A 1993 film starring mega stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, the drama is all about the world of Gilbert Grape that revolved around his younger brother and his overweight and obese mother who spends time sitting on a couch and weighs over 500 pounds. Check out Leo’s knock-out performance in this one, which is still a treat to watch. The movie also plays on Amazon Prime.

Jerry Maguire

Played by Tom Cruise, the movie is about a sports agent who is fired from his job for identifying malpractices. He decides to start his own agency but doesn’t find many clients except one. The movie, incidentally plays on Amazon Prime as well.

Blow Out

A masterpiece from Brian De Palma John Travolta is Jack Terri who witnesses an accident and even tries to save the victim who is found dead. After investigating a few tapes, he gets entangled in a criminal conspiracy.

Amazon Prime

You can watch blockbusters such as Jack Ryan, The Score and China Town on Amazon Prime.


Catch Cool Hand Luke and The Hudsucker Proxy on Filmstruck


  • City of God and The Fly on Hulu
  • Groundhog Day on Netflix
  • Ferdinand on HBO Go and HBO Now
  • Double Impact on Amazon Prime as well as Hulu

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